četrtek, 30. december 2010

WOAH, baby!

Yes, it`s unbelievable but it is true!
PL an "Pretty" T had an argumetn!
Spoted: PL and "Pretty" T arguing in the center of the snow! was it a atentionseekingaction or was it all the tention betwen the two friends? Well let`s just say that "Pretty" T isn` really satisfied with PL`s apologie. Well it`s not new year`s eve, but everything falls apart when the happiest times are here. As all shows "pretty" T is losing all of her beloved friends & lovers. Will she crack under the prsure? Or will she just show the middle finger to the world & be a nun?

bye, bye my lovers,
lovely girl.

nedelja, 26. december 2010

It`s not me, it`s you!

"Pretty" T and Z are history!
Well we all know that "pretty" T and Z were together, but the question is, why did they broke up?
OH, was she annoying, was he unfaithful or was both on both sides? Well, as we all know "Pretty" T has kinda of a history of being unfaithful and crawling up boys till they can`t breath. Did Z got enaugh of "pretty" T`s cheating & got into a fight with her and left? or did "pretty" T had enaugh of Z`s looking after other girls? well we`ll know when our source TheKittie96 sends the mail that i need...

taugh taugh for now,
lovely girl.
People are drinking like it`s the last day of their lives. Our little H was drinking whole day yesterday, ofcourse on his own. His friends deserted him, his girlfriend deserted him, everybody in the whole wide world deserted him, till he was left all alone in the middel of the road with a bottle of vodka. Well let`s just say that he cried like a little baby laying in the middle of the street. Well H next time when you decide to get drunk, don` get drunk in the middle of the street where everybody sees a crying baby...
But that is just my edvice H, but nevermind me i`m just here to tell everybody everything about you and your friends,

till next time,
lovely girl.
Hello all you lovely readers!
I know it has been a long time no see, but now that i`m back i have lots of interesting gossip & stories to tell. So get ready for a Christmas special of lovely girl!

taug taug for now,
lovely girl.

nedelja, 17. januar 2010

hi...i`m back, but just beacuse i have found interesting gossip to tell.....no body sends me gossip that is interesting to my mail: xoxo.lovely.girl@hotmail.com!

stay talking,
lovely girl!